Alligator Awareness Day

Celebrate on September 12th!

Alligators are an important part of the environment and on September 12th of each year there is a day to show appreciation for these special animals. Alligator Awareness Day was started by me, Taylor Metz. I am a Florida native and I became fascinated with alligators after first seeing one in the waterway behind my house.

To keep this day more aligned with the school year, Alligator Awareness Day was moved from August to September in 2018.

This site is a place to go to learn more about alligators and about things to do for Alligator Awareness Day. Alligators were once an endangered species, and one of the main goals of having an appreciation day for them is to maintain awareness and keep them from ever being endangered again.

Many people are fascinated and frightened by alligators. They are ancient predators, and have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Despite their scary looks, gators are not normally aggressive toward humans unless they are directly threatened. Look, but keep your distance!

Alligator Facts

  • Adult male American alligators can weigh up to 999 lbs.
  • Female Alligators are excellent mothers.
  • Alligators live longer in captivity.
  • Alligators are apex predators.
  • American alligators tolerate cold better than American crocodiles.
  • Louisiana has the largest alligator population.
  • Alligators and crocodiles only co-exist in South Florida.
  • Using their tails, Alligators can swim 20 MPH or more.

Backyard Photos

Don't have alligators sometimes swim past your house? Instead, have a look at the view from my backyard (taken with a zoom lens from far away).

gator photo gator photo gator photo gator photo

Celebration Ideas

I am looking for ideas and suggestions on how to best celebrate Alligator Awareness Day. Some ideas are:

  • Look up information on the Internet and get informed.
  • Tell your friends about the importance of protecting habitat.
  • Contact representatives and make sure Everglades restoration is being addressed.
  • Share pictures on social media like Twitter and Instagram.
  • and more...